Benefits Of Hijama Therapy

Benefits Of Dry Cupping

  • In the traditional medicine dry cupping is an old form of medication done by suction-only method free from incision.
  • Especially beneficial for the Diabetes, preventing you from all kinds of skin issues developing due to diabetes.
  • This therapy helps loose compressed muscles which assists body to relax leading to consolation from the emotional and physical tension.
  • Brings the blood closer to the top of the skin. Improving blood circulation and increasing the RBCs,  ultimately softening the stiffened tissues.
  • Controlling your cholesterol levels, keeping you safe from heart diseases and obesity.
  •  It is recommended to be done once in two weeks in severe conditions.


  • Benefits of Hijama(Wet Cupping) includes. cure for kidney failure as it reduces the levels of Al, Zn, and Cd in your blood flow.  
  • It is performed under expert supervision using controlled medical bleeding, it is safer and effective. But you might not want to take hot baths, use the sauna, or strong air conditioning after wet cupping. 
  • A few of the other benefits are the treatment of muscle soreness, agile recovery, and improvement with a range of motion. That’s why it’s famous among athletes.
  • Wet Cupping is also recommended to migraine patients because it has shown compelling results. 
  • Fast at least 2-3 hours before your treatment ‘’Cupping on an empty stomach is best. In it is a cure and blessing.”  (Sahih Sunan Ibn Maajah 3487) 


  • Moving cupping therapy is highly considered to be a really beneficial treatment for  digestion disorders. Moving cups are guided towards Lymphatic Glands to expel toxins & wastes from your Lymphatic system.

  • As recommended by doctors, it is also used to treat nasal and chest congestion.

  • It helps you with lung disorders like cough, bronchial infection, and asthma. Which is a vital benefit of Hijama.

  • Stress and muscle tension can cause stagnation in the digestive system and moving cupping therapy can release this stagnation and can help improve digestion and body’s fluid balance.