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Dr. Mazhar Ul Haq Malik


Higher Diploma in Hijama therapy – UK

Certification in clinical Hijama – PAK

Certification in Hijama Fasd & Leach Therapy – PAK

What is Hijama (Cupping)?

Hijama is an ancient and Sunnat form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin but with modern technique. Hijama works by creating a negative pressure in the applied area, thus relieving pain and pressure, which is a cure for various mental health issues. Hijama therapy is one of the best ways to avert cholesterol issues and maintain good health.

Hijama is the Sunnah way of health restoration. We believe in providing you with the best healthcare possible. We make sure of that by the combination of an experienced team, advance methods, hygienic aura. 


venesection is a traditional and scientific way of treating some diseases by cutting or piercing the vessel to reduce iron levels and red blood cell count.

The therapeutic approach to phlebotomy is different. Because in cupping, the cuts are created on the skin surface and the blood is removed from the capillaries, but in venesection, the cuts will be made on the body’s veins and vessels. You can not donate blood at the same time if you are undergoing venesection.

Leech Therapy

Leech therapy is used for eye diseases, varicose veins, vascular problems, liver problems, headache problems, acne, psoriasis and eczema problems, cardiovascular disease problems, rheumatism problems, asthma and bronchitis problems, sexual organ disorders, hemorrhoids problems, all immune system problems and all muscle pain problems. Leeches are placed in the problematic region to start sucking blood from under the skin.

Why Choose US?

We use modern techniques of Hijama (cupping) to provide you with comfortable therapy at most affordable and market competitive prices

Modern Clinic

Based on modern design with neat and relaxing environment that utilizes clean and sterilized equipment

Expert Team

Providing certified team of experts with professional experience regarding Hijama Therapy

Free Consultancy

We offer free consultancy to our clients and recommend best Hijama treatments accordingly

Registered & Authentic

All our Therapists are registered with PMDC and Hold authentic Hijama Certifications.

Female Staff Available

We also have a team of qualified female staff for female clients to maintain privacy

 “The best medicine with which you treat your self is hijama.“

(Sahih Al Bukhari) [5371] – Narrated by Hazrat Anas (RA)

Hijama Services We Offer

Dry Cupping

Dry Cupping is a massage treatment, where cups are placed over your body to create a vacuum which lifts the soft tissues of your body and creates an upward stretch within the muscle. This helps to increase blood flow, reduces muscle tension and pain.

Wet Cupping

Wet cupping is a massage treatment in which few parts of the skin are punctured before starting the suction which removes blood stasis from the body. Typically leaving round bruises which will heal after some time.  

Moving Cupping

Moving Hijama is a relaxing massage treatment that uses suction cups placed on skin along with oils to glide over the skin to provide a relaxing sensation to the patient. This can be performed any time of the day.


It is the only method told by Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) to get rid of black magic. Treatment is provided in accordance with Quran and Sunnah.

Diseases Treated

Hijama is one of the oldest techniques for curing diseases. It has refreshing and nourishing effects on our body it helps in curing:

Benefits of Hijama

Hijama is one of the oldest techniques for curing diseases. It has refreshing and nourishing effects on our body it helps in curing: